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Security Alarm Monitoring

Approximately 4,800 burglaries occur every day in the United States.

With security experience since 1996, All In One Technology, Inc confidently protects lives daily. Our swift and effective response to what may otherwise be devastating circumstances, sets us apart from our competition.

All In One Technology, Inc. utilizes state-of-the-art Central Station technology to deliver a security monitoring value that just can’t be matched. We do it because our highest priority is your safety.

We offer the following at rates that begin at $18 and up, depending on your security monitoring needs.
**24/7 Security Monitoring
** Local Central Station in Southwest Florida
** Cellular Backup & Smart Phone Control
** Affordable Monthly Monitoring rates beginning at $18
** UL Certified Central Station
** Insurance Certificate of Alarm

Home Automation

There are many customization options when it comes to automating your home. The biggest issue faced when designing a Home Automation system is the ability for all devices to be controllable by a single device. There are many different ways of ensuring this, such as Z-Wave technologies.

Z-Wave is the collaboration of several Home Automation vendors to create a method of controlling all aspects of Home Automation from a single device. Lighting, Temperature Control, Audio/Video, Cameras, etc.

All In One Technology is committed to creating systems that utilize this method of centralizing your home automation. We also believe in the idea of remote control. Controlling all these devices on an App from your phone; from halfway across the world to check on your house and your kids; provides an invaluable sense of security for you and your family.

Audio/Video Systems

The idea is simple enough: A home theater provides a theater-like experience in your home. But what exactly does that entail?

The quick answer is, there’s no quick answer. A home theater can be as simple as a few A/V devices in your living room or as complex as a completely renovated home. At its core, a home theater system should provide a high-quality video experience and an immersive audio experience that breathe life into your favorite movies, but a number of roads can lead to that destination. Call us to discover which options are the best choice for your home

Burglary & Fire Systems

Our team has over 10 years experience in Burglary and Fire Alarm Systems in South West Florida alone. If you’re looking to protect your family and ensure that your property is secure, look no further. We offer a large amount of products and services to fit your needs and desires. Our Burglary systems also have the capability of tying into your Home Automation systems, ensuring that managing your Home, near or far, is simple and secure.


CCTV is the preferred method for knowing what is going on in your business. Combining Audio and Video surveillance brings accountability to a new level. Our wide selection of Indoor/Outdoor cameras will fulfill every purpose. Here’s a short list of vendors we support.

  • Hikvision
  • Digital Watchdog
  • EverFocus
  • Honeywell
  • Geovision

Access Control

All In One Technology is well versed in many Access Control systems. Here’s a short list of the different vendors we support.

Nortek (Formerly IEI)

Whether your needs are gates, doors or a mixture of both; All In One Technology has the skills and expertise to assist with all your Access Control desires. There are many different types of Controllers that offer a varying level of security and accountability.

Swipe Cards – These magnetic strip based-cards are inexpensive and unique cards can be issued for all users entering or exiting the area.

Smart cards – This is quite similar to the swipe cards but the only difference is that these cards use electronic chips to store the information. This advanced equipment is not prone to magnetic corruption.

Biometric scanners – These electronic systems use biological information like fingerprint, palm print or retinal makeup to provide or deny access to an individual.

Keypad Systems – Unique access codes are provided to the users and must be entered on keypads to gain access. This system is re-programmable. So in case the codes need to be changed for some reason, it can be done with ease.

Access Control systems work at their best when combined with CCTV to ensure identity and account