Managed IT Services

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Remote Monitoring & Management

AVG Managed Workplace

Network Monitoring & Alerting

Powerful capabilities alert you to potential issues – and help prevent or resolve them quickly. Supports over 500 applications and devices: from PCs and laptops to smartphones and network infrastructure.

Asset Management

Keeps track of all your software and hardware on the assets you own. Allows for comprehensive reporting on all your mission-critical devices..

Patch Management

Allows us to review, approve and automate deployment of security patches for Microsoft and other third party software to help us ensure your network is safe and secure.

Antivirus and Endpoint Protection

AVG CloudCare


Direct integration with AVG’s flagship product AVG AntiVirus – the internet security solution trusted by millions of users worldwide. A central management platform alerts us to issues and enables us to push policies and updates across devices easily and efficiently.

Content Filtering

Protect users from malicious online content and block access to inappropriate websites. We centrally manage web access based on your defined usage policies.

Email Security Services

Services include AVG® AntiSpam, AVG® Email Archive, AVG® Email Archive Lite and AVG® Encrypted Email. These secure email services block viruses and spam, help you comply with industry regulations, such as HIPAA, and privacy requirements. We deploy, manage and update these services remotely using AVG CloudCare without additional hardware or third-party software.

Backup & Disaster Recovery


Cloud Backups

Using this solution we determine the sensitive data stored on your systems, then schedule backups to our secure private cloud.

Cloud backups require an active Internet connection to communicate with the cloud. We usually schedule the backups to run after business hours, though exceptions can be made for unique situations.

Our software allows the ability to save different variations of files. Find yourself needing to recover a file you accidentally deleted a week ago? No problem. Happened to make changes to a file several times but need to revert to an older version? We cover that too.

On-Site Backups

 On-Site Backups are a top priority for mission-critcal systems.

These backups include taking Full Image and serve as an exact copy. This copy is used to rebuild machines quickly after a critical failure.

This Image will contain the entire configuration and data of the machine so that rebuilding it is possible in a timely manner.

Hybrid Backups

Our best solution combines On-site and Cloud backups into a time-sensitive data retention powerhouse.

This hybrid option gives the ability to create virtual machines using an extra on-site device.  Virtual Machines allow us to virtualize the most recent backup of your mission-critcal systems within a few minutes of failure.

The moment we are aware of the failure, it takes us less than an hour to have the virtual machine seamlessly in place. Production will continue until the system can be replaced.

This will ensure the least possible amount of downtime regardless of the situation.