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HIPAA Compliant Managed IT Services  

Your business is our priority. That’s why we offer a variety of services to address your unique IT needs, understanding that every company is different and requires different levels of protection. Our niche is Healthcare IT, so everything we provide is HIPAA compliant. With over 35 combined years of experience, we are able to provide the best support with the least amount of downtime. Our team has complete control of our networks, computers, and mobile devices under our monitoring system, allowing us to protect your data and clients while handling most issues through remote management as soon as they arise.


An outline of our plans is detailed below, as well as an explanation of the services we offer for network monitoring and cyber-security. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions you have regarding a plan and your company’s needs.

Plans Designed to Fit Your IT Needs


The old school Break/Fix model. There is no monthly cost with this plan but there is also no ability for monitoring/alerting or proactive IT support. Most people that pick this plan have very few PCs and little-to-no need for security. We only recommend this for very small businesses or start-ups.

Silver Plan

Provides all the basics, including monitoring and management of your computers, network, and devices. Our software automates many tasks that a normal IT technician would do and reports issues that are detected directly to us for quick resolution. The automation reduces your on-site IT costs and increases business up-time.  

Platinum Plan

Skipping right from Silver to Platinum, this plan includes unlimited remote IT support and a monthly block of hours for on-site support. This plan is best for companies that want a single annual budget for their IT costs, and prioritized support.

Managed IT Services Explained

Block Plans of Times

For Break/Fix clients, we offer block plans of remote help desk support in 5-hour increments. The hourly rate is $125. We bill minimum half-hour time increments for all incidents. Additional time is billed in 30 minute increments.

Platinum Plan clients are allocated a certain amount of hours for on-site support each month.

HIPAA Policy & Procedure Templates

For the Healthcare industry, we provide HIPAA Policy & Procedure templates for all clients. These templates will assist your practice by providing you with a starting point to HIPAA Compliance. These templates are standardized and not specific to your practice, so they are not to be used as legally binding documents. However, they will give you a broad idea of what needs to be done and will lead you towards becoming HIPAA Compliant.

Server / PC Monitoring and Alerting

Server and workstation monitoring of all devices on the network 24/7. Notifications and alerts of issues are sent to our technicians using a single-pane of glass cloud-based dashboard.

Server / PC Patch Management

Windows updates go through a stringent approval process and are applied on your schedule. We control when updates are applied to reduce downtime and provide the most secure environment.

Server / PC Antivirus

We schedule when updates are applied, when scans run, real-time scanning activities, and add exclusions that are unique to your office to keep you running smoothly. All issues are reported back to our technicians using a single pane of glass dashboard for us to remedy remotely.

Daily Backup Verification

Our monitoring software alerts us when there is an issue with the backups. We know when they are not working correctly and resolve the issue immediately. Check that one off your list!

Content Filter / Web Blocking

A web content filter will protect your computers from unauthorized web sites, phishing attempts, and malware. We can also block websites like Facebook and others that are not business-related.

Managed Firewall and Network Monitoring

Depending on your needs, we support Ubiquiti and Datto Firewalls. We install a monitored firewall and maintain it over time to ensure security and reliability. It does not get any better than this! The Datto firewall advanced options are tailored to HIPAA compliance and auditing. The firewall manages and monitors your provided network switch and Wi-Fi devices. 

Ticketing System and Documentation

There are multiple ways to start a support ticket. Whether it is a phone call, email, or chat message, all your needs will be tracked, addressed, and resolved.


A centralized area for all updated documentation will be provided.

Office 365 with HIPAA Secure Email

We offer the best in the business: Office 365 with HIPAA Compliant Secure Mail and Office 365 integration with all the bells and whistles. Word, Excel, Outlook and the rest is included.

Mobile Device Management

Phones, tablets, laptops are monitored and capable of remote management. Whether corporate provided or BYOD, we have you covered.

Weekly and Monthly Reporting

We provide scheduled emails with all the details for performance, alerts, and issues reported.

Dedicated Account Manager

With all plans offered, you will have a dedicated account manager that you can call or email to handle additional requests or just to answer your simplest of questions. This is your primary point of contact.

24/7/365 Routers, Firewalls, Printers, Wi-Fi

Routers, firewalls, printers, and Wi-Fi are included with our Platinum plan. We support and resolve all supported devices on your network.

Advanced Server Cloud Backup Unlimited

We offer unlimited storage of your cloud backups that can usually be restored within an hour of the request.

VOIP Network Support

It doesn’t matter to us what VoIP system you use; we will provide the firewall and network support to verify it works correctly internally.

Pano, X-Ray, Imaging Firmware Updates

 We will assist in all upgrades to your imaging devices.

Guided HIPAA Compliance with HIPAA Audit Resolution 24/7/365

We partnered with The Compliancy Group. They provide unlimited 24/7/365 support for all your HIPAA needs. Not one of their clients have ever failed a HIPAA audit or been fined due to HIPAA issues, and they have over 40,000 clients. Sleep well at night knowing you’re in good hands.

Call All In One Technology today to learn more about our managed IT solutions, including cybersecurity, network maintenance, and remote management. We are happy to answer your questions and will gladly provide a consultation to determine your company’s needs.